Closest Closet enables you to create an infinite closet, using your items as currency

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Infinite Closet

Step 1 – Show It Off

Just because an item no longer works in your closet, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t enhance someone else’s. Take a photo of that item and post it to your online closet.

Step 2 – Be Rewarded

Every item you upload will earn you a hanger that can be redeemed for items in your network of closets.

Step 3 – Shop Other Closets

Use the hangers you have earned to expand your wardrobe by adding items from your friends’, and their friends’ closets! Find the perfect piece to complement your unique style.

Build A Wardrobe To Envy

Closest Closet is your online platform for items in your closet that no longer add value to your wardrobe, but will be fresh and new to another Closest Closet member. As you post items from your closet you will open up space to add fresh and new items from your vast network of closets.


Join for free and help make an impact on the environment.

  • Earn 1 hanger for every item donated
  • Hangers earned, buy other members items
  • Buyers pay for shipping
  • Pay $4 per item purchased w/ hanger (*free during beta)

Closest Closet on Good Day Chicago

Fast Fashion Emergency – Make An Impact

Fashion is now the #2 polluter in the world. Educate yourself on this emergency and learn how you can make an impact by making smart choices in how you consume fashion.

Like the concept of extending the life of your cloths but dont want anything in return?