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Only members with an active membership are able to add items and earn hangers to be able to shop your friends closets for free!

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How does it work?

Step 1 – Show It Off
Take a photo of an item someone else would covet and upload it to your online closet.

Step 2 – Be Rewarded
Every item you upload will earn you a hanger that can be redeemed for items that complement your unique style

Step 3 – Shop Your Friends Closets
Use the hangers you have earned to shop your friends, and their friends closets for free!

Benefits of becoming a Closest Closet member:

  • Closest Closet enables the member to purge their closets and get high-quality fashionable items without the cost of replacing the items they have donated. Members are rewarded for donating their clothing and earn credits in the form of “hangers” that can be redeemed toward new items that will freshen up their wardrobes while feeling good about the money they spent on their own clothes isn’t rotting in a closet or landfill.
  • Members also have the ability to track/follow friends in their network that are of a similar body type and style and see new items as they are added.
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