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Closest Closet is self funded by Danielle Osborne and Steven Tazic.

Here are some improvements we would like to make to the site and can use your support. If you are a paid monthly member, thank you for the support! If you are a free member, please consider adding a tip when you checkout. Below are some immediate features we would like to implement. There’s also a feedback form as we’d love to hear from you!


Closest Closet is integrated with FedEx, but FedEx rates for the average one pound package are from $12-$15. We have a proposal to integrate directly with USPS where rates would fall in the $3-$8 range typically.


One common concern we hear is that some folks are concerned that if they put something of value on Closest Closet, they may not get the same value in return. Closest Closet obviously only works if our members are posting quality clothing on there that other’s would covet. Closest Closet in the beginning will be a leap of faith for our members. But as 25 members turns into 250 which turns into 2500, the inventory problems will take care of itself. One feature we do want to add is to give items a hanger value based on the original price and condition each item is in. If someone posts a dress in very good shape that was originally $400, we believe that that dress should earn that person multiple hangers and it should cost multiple hangers to buy.


The site was created by Steve and Danielle and we are admittedly not “creatives”. We would like to hire professional creatives to give the site a makeover and make it more pleasing to the eye and easier to use.


We would like to drive more users to to make more selections available to you. Steven Tazic has a marketing background and can efficiently do this, we just need some marketing budget to be able to do so.


If you have other ideas for how to make Closest Closet a better site we would love to hear them!

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